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On Monday 24 June 2019‚ a new era in Namibian aviation took flight with Westair Aviation’s first scheduled passenger flight after the company was granted Designated Carrier status by the Namibian Transport Commission. This accreditation makes WestairAviation an official scheduled passenger airline‚ with flights to various destinations within the country and the sub region‚ under the brand name FlyWestair.

The first route rolled out was three scheduled flights per week from Eros Airport in Windhoek to Oranjemund starting 24 June 2019. As for additional routes‚ Westair is eligible to fly to various destinations in Namibia and the region and new destinations to be introduced include Cape Town (serviced from Oranjemund and Windhoek)‚ Walvisbay‚ Ondangwa and Johannesburg. Flights to Ondangwa started in July 2019‚ with regional flights introduced from August 2019 subject to service agreements being reached with authorities and service providers.

AOC: NCAA / AOC / 010/2013

Current schedule:

Flight Number Days of Operation Departure Arrival
WV701 M, W, F ERS 06:30 OND 07:30
WV702 M, W, F OND 08:00 ERS 09:00
WV707 M, W, F ERS 17:45 OND 18:45
WV708 M, W, F OND 19:15 ERS 20:15
WV707 SU ERS 17:00 OND 18:00
WV708 SU OND 18:30 ERS 19:30
WV001 M, W, F ERS 09:30 OMD 10:45
WV002 M, W, F OMD 16:00 ERS 17:15


ERS - Eros Airport, Windhoek

OND - Ondangwa

OMD - Oranjemund to expand to collapse

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Validity: from 2019-06-24 to 2019-12-31

Standard Price: from N$3000 per person

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Destination: Namibia, South Africa

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