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London cabs to gridlock city

Date: 21.05.2014

London’s black cab drivers are planning to gridlock the city’s streets on June 11 to protest what they call an “uneven playing field” caused by the entrance of Uber in the UK capital.

Uber is a US-based company that operates minicabs in over 100 countries around the world, including South Africa. The company allows people to use an application on their phones to see where the closest car is to them and then book it after agreeing a set fare, which is paid by credit card.

It is not so much the entrance of Uber into the market that the London Licensed Taxi Drivers’ Association (LTDA) is opposing but the fact that Transport for London (TFL) allows Uber minicabs to operate without adhering to the strict regulations applied to London black taxis.

Steve McNamara, of the LTDA, told eTNW that for London cabs to obtain a licence from TFL they needed to adhere to the strictest rules and regulations. “However, Uber is allowed to run without taking any of the regulations into consideration. If everyone else is following the rules, why shouldn’t they? TFL seems almost scared of them. We now just demand a level playing field.”

According to Steve, over 10 000 black taxis will come together in the streets of London on June 11 to protest this “injustice”.

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