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When it comes to booking a flight, accommodation, a rental car, a tour or safari or one of our holiday packages we believe that you should be dealing with a travel destination specialist, with whom you can spend time on the phone, by e-mail or in person, discussing all the options that will make your trip a memorable experience.

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Ebola receding


More than 12 months after the largest ever Ebola outbreak began, the situation is finally improving. Transmission is reduced from its peak in Guinea and Sierra Leone. No confirmed cases have been identified in Liberia for over 21 days.

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Ebola Update


The World Health Organization's (WHO) latest Ebola Response Roadmap Situation Report (PDF) states that transmission remains persistent and widespread across Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia. The three capital cities continue to be significant hotspots. At least one case has been reported from every district in both Liberia and Sierra Leone. Cases and deaths are likely being under-reported. In total, there have been over 13,700 confirmed, probable and suspected cases with more than 4,900 deaths. International SOS has a team working around the clock to bring you this website - it provides the latest information on developments, travel advice and how individuals and organisations can respond. Downloadable resources are also available.

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Ebola in West Africa


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Ebola Outbreak Overview


An uncontrolled outbreak of Ebola virus is currently underway in three countries in West Africa (Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone). This is the largest Ebola outbreak ever reported, both in terms of case numbers and geographical spread. It's also the first time the disease has affected large cities. The capital cities of all three nations are affected. The disease is spreading person to person, causing significant international concern and disrupting both the health and economy of these countries as well as neighboring nations. in late July, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the outbreak a Grade 3 emergency, its highest level of any emergency response. Read more by clicking here

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Pilot orders pizza for plane


After being stuck on the tarmac for nearly two hours, Frontier Airlines pilot Gerhard Brandner ordered pizza for everyone onboard â on his own dime. The flight was headed from Washington, D.C., to Denver but was diverted to Cheyenne, Wyo., because of thunderstorms and lightning. The plane was grounded, and the passengers were stranded inside. Wanting to ease the tension, and feeling hungry himself, Brandner called up the local Dominoâs Pizza at 10 p.m. and ordered enough cheesy deliciousness for the entire plane. And this wasnât your typical late-night college dorm order. There were 160 passengers onboard, meaning Dominoâs sent more than 36 pizzas! Source: Yahoo Travel News

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A cruise liner becomes your floating hotel and magically transports you from one exotic destination to another. When cruising, expect to receive world-class service and have your taste buds tantalised by gourmet cuisine and the finest wines.

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Island Holiday

Experience the unparalleled luxury of an island holiday while you relax on the beach, enjoy exquisite cuisine, are pampered in the spa or experience the rush of a variety of water sports.

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Leisure Holidays

Explore the world, see the sites, enjoy the tastes and sounds, emerge yourself in other cultures and live to travel!

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Scheduled Tours

Participate in a scheduled safari organised by a professional tour operator. These packages include transport, accommodation, meals, sight-seeing trips and a tour guide.

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Nothing beats the rush of being in the stadium when your team wins the World Cup, or hearing the roar of the Formula One engines racing past, or eating strawberries and cream while you watch Wimbledon live!

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Holiday Title Continent Holiday Style Cost Duration Special
Namibia Scheduled Tours NAD6588 Days No
Germany Leisure Holidays NAD9870 Days Yes
Thailand Island Holiday NAD16955 7 Days No
Indonesia Island Holiday NAD21350 7 Days Yes
Mauritius Island Holiday NAD19776 5 Days No
Seychelles Island Holiday NAD17395 7 Days Yes
Croatia Cruises NAD9055 Days Yes
Mauritius Island Holiday NAD16165 7 Days No
Zanzibar Island Holiday NAD18520 7 Days Yes
China Sports NAD23320 4 Days No
Maldives Island Holiday NAD34900 7 Days Yes
Mauritius Island Holiday NAD15860 6 Days No
Namibia Scheduled Tours NAD19200 9 Days No
Namibia Scheduled Tours NAD19201 Days No
Mauritius Island Holiday NAD21854 7 Days Yes
Seychelles Island Holiday NAD20740 7 Days Yes
Namibia Scheduled Tours NAD19200 9 Days No
Thailand Island Holiday NAD12545 7 Days No
Thailand Island Holiday NAD11765 8 Days Yes
Zanzibar Island Holiday NAD10200 4 Days Yes


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