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When it comes to booking a flight, accommodation, a rental car, a tour or safari or one of our holiday packages we believe that you should be dealing with a travel destination specialist, with whom you can spend time on the phone, by e-mail or in person, discussing all the options that will make your trip a memorable experience.

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Chaos expected at German airports


Flights to and from Germany are facing significant disruptions tomorrow (March 27). According to a report on GlobalPost Germany’s public sector union has given notice that workers at Frankfurt and most of the country’s other major airports will go on strike to reinforce their pay demands. The strike is scheduled to start at 03h30 and last until 14h00. Lufthansa has warned that the strike is likely to have a large-scale impact on its flight timetable. “Should employees lay down their work this Thursday, a large number of flights from Lufthansa’s home airport would need to be cancelled. The strike will primarily affect Lufthansa passengers, as evidenced by the warning strike of security personnel in Frankfurt,” comments Axel Simon, director Southern Africa for Lufthansa and SWISS. Further details around cancellations and rebooking possibilities will be made available to Lufthansa’s passengers by tomorrow afternoon.

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Victoria Falls Safari Lodge opens new suites


The Victoria Falls Safari Lodge in Zimbabwe has opened six new luxury safari suites. The Victoria Falls Safari Suites are situated four kilometres from the Falls and offer guests a choice of three- and two-bedroom suites. Each suite includes a lounge, veranda area and upstairs room, offering views over expansive bushveld. The suites are suited to families and small groups. The property is adjacent to the Zambezi National Park. Sightings include bush buck, warthog, African elephant and buffalo.

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Indonesia volcano


Airlines flying to Aceh in Indonesia have been requested to avoid certain domestic flight routes over the erupting Mount Sinabung. Mount Merapi, an active volcano in the Yogyakarta province, also erupted on November 18. The Jakarta Post reported that manager of Kuala Namu International Airport in Deli Serdang regency, North Sumatra, has called for the temporary closure of W11, W12, L774 and R456 as these routes have been disrupted by drifting ash. Alternative routes to Aceh that avoid Mount Sinabung are being used. All other operations are continuing normally at the airport. The airport’s operational manager Ali Sofyan is quoted in the Jakarta Post as saying: “Flights in and out of Kuala Namu airport are still operating normally. We will halt flight operations if the safety risk is increased to the red level.” Airlines are not reporting cancellations or delays at this stage but travellers are urged to avoid the volcanic areas and check their flight statuses.

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OR Tambo loiterers


Acsa's safety and security department says it is working with the South African Police Service to clear loiterers from OR Tambo International Airport. Responding to a comment posted on eTNW's Disqus that called for Acsa to "get their act together by first sorting out the loiterers at the exit on the ground floor", manager of communications for Acsa Unathi Batyashe-Fillis says: "We are working tirelessly to rid the airport of this menace. The team recently conducted special operations where several arrests were made as part of our commitment to ensure that passengers have a pleasant experience at our airport precinct." She says they are also working closely with the courts to find ways of curbing future re-occurrences. Acsa encourages airport users who are approached or harassed by loiterers to report the incident to the security control on +27 (0)11 921 6655 or +27 (0)11 921 6813.

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Passengers seek flying comfort


International research from Airbus shows that a new generation of passengers are increasingly researching in-flight seat comfort prior to booking long-haul full-service flights and are prepared to spend more for comfort in economy. Of those surveyed, 54% believe an increase in seat comfort is critical with 41% prepared to pay more within economy. Five per cent said they would consider upgrading in search of more comfort and 34% are turning to specialist websites to determine true seat value prior to booking flights. Passengers cited lack of sleeping comfort, back and leg ache as the top three factors for discomfort on long-haul flights. They also said seats that were too narrow would have a negative effect on their post flight well-being, giving them tiredness and sore muscles. Post flight well-being was also of particular concern to business passengers, who need to ensure they are able to perform in working environments.

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A cruise liner becomes your floating hotel and magically transports you from one exotic destination to another. It’s a very relaxing way of travelling and experiencing other cultures and visiting historical sites. When cruising, expect to receive world-class service and have your taste buds tantalised by gourmet cuisine and the finest wines. Cruising is also a great way to meet people.

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Fly-in Safaris

Namibia is a vast land of great contrasts and breathtaking landscapes. Fly-in safaris are a great way to see this country, as you can enjoy spectacular views of the deserts and landscapes from the air, and you can reach more attractions in a shorter time.

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Island Holiday

Experience the unparalleled luxury of an island holiday while you relax on the beach, enjoy exquisite cuisine, are pampered in the spa or experience the rush of a variety of water sports.

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Leisure Holidays

Explore the world, see the sites, enjoy the tastes and sounds, emerge yourself in other cultures and live to travel!

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Scheduled Tours

Participate in a scheduled safari organised by a professional tour operator. These packages include transport, accommodation, meals, sight-seeing trips and a tour guide.

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Selbstfahrer Touren

Ein Selbstfahrer - Urlaub in Namibia ist einiges einfacher, als Sie sich vorstellen können.

Sie möchten Namibia individuell oder in der Kleingruppe bereisen, dann wir planen und organisieren Ihre Reise nach Namibia, Botswana, Victoria Fällen und Süd Afrika ganz individuell nach Ihren Wünschen.

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Nothing beats the rush of being in the stadium when your team wins the World Cup, or hearing the roar of the Formula One engines racing past, or eating strawberries and cream while you watch Wimbledon live!

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Holiday Title Continent Holiday Style Cost Duration Special
Namibia Scheduled Tours NAD25348 12 Days No
France, Italy, Spain Cruises NAD16400 Days No
Namibia Selbstfahrer Touren NAD35925 14 Days No
Namibia Scheduled Tours NAD32667 16 Days No
Namibia Selbstfahrer Touren NAD31000 16 Days No
Namibia Scheduled Tours NAD15185 7 Days No
Namibia Fly-in Safaris NAD49970 9 Days No
Namibia Scheduled Tours NAD19600 9 Days No
South Africa Leisure Holidays NAD1553 3 Days Yes
Mauritius Island Holiday NAD13785 7 Days No
Indonesia Island Holiday NAD19995 7 Days Yes
Namibia Scheduled Tours NAD24590 11 Days No
Namibia Scheduled Tours NAD23770 13 Days No
England Sports NAD29075 4 Days No
Namibia Selbstfahrer Touren NAD23150 11 Days No
Ireland Leisure Holidays NAD13665 Days No
Zanzibar Island Holiday NAD12210 8 Days Yes
Thailand Leisure Holidays NAD15605 7 Days No
Namibia Scheduled Tours NAD16190 7 Days No
Mauritius Island Holiday NAD20699 7 Days No
La Réunion Island Holiday NAD19925 7 Days No
Namibia Scheduled Tours NAD19397 9 Days No
Namibia Scheduled Tours NAD19690 9 Days No
Thailand Leisure Holidays NAD12915 7 Days No
Zanzibar Island Holiday NAD10315 3 Days No
Mauritius Island Holiday NAD13186 7 Days No
Spain Sports NAD22820 5 Days No
Thailand Leisure Holidays NAD11371 10 Days Yes
Mauritius Island Holiday NAD11015 7 Days Yes
United States Leisure Holidays NAD24488 7 Days No


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