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Trip Travel (Pty) Limited is a truly Namibian company and has been providing excellent service since 1956. Trip Travel is 100% wholly owned Namibian company, with a Black Economic Empowerment Consortium holding 54% majority ownership.

Customer Satisfaction

The industry in which Trip Travel operates does not lend itself to compromise especially regarding service delivery levels. Passengers and travelers are generally well informed and are able to source travel information before consulting a travel agent. Therefore, we are pleased that one of the primary values of Trip Travel is customer satisfaction. This is exemplified by continuing to make sure that no effort is spared to ensure that our customer’s expectations are met with excellent service delivery at all times.

Services Offered

Trip Travel offers a wide variety of services which includes air ticket and accommodation reservations, car hire, travel insurance, transfers, visas and more. We provide a one-stop solution for all our clients. A full list of our services appears below.

Developing Human Capacity

Trip Travel recognizes that in order to achieve Vision 2030, every Namibian business and government have to develop Namibians and offer them work opportunities, in order to build skills and capacity. Trip Travel prides itself on investing in the development of its staff in order to achieve excellent human capacity in travel service delivery. Trip Travel recruits dynamic and talented young Namibians, who hail from previously disadvantaged communities. Further, Trip Travel has implemented a training program which each employee is part of and adheres to. Whilst dividends from such capacity building training programs cannot be effectively measured in the short term, it is with pride that Trip Travel is beginning to reap the benefits from the programme.

Why Trip Travel?

Trip Travel has a professional team of skilled, dedicated staff who spare no effort to ensure that the customer’s travel requirements are satisfactorily addressed. We have offices in Windhoek and Swakopmund to meet your needs.


Trip Travel assists customers in identifying opportunities for savings and negotiating of corporate agreements with preferred service providers including airlines, hotels, car rental companies and travel insurance. Trip Travel will balance corporate agreement rates and lowest logical fare offers ensuring that the client receive the best of both; either a greater saving on the day or the corporate agreement deal.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors reflect Trip Travel’s commitment to embracing Namibians by ensuring that the Board is not only representative of the Namibian population, but by ensuring that the Directors are competent to make decisions in line with good Corporate Governance. The Board of Directors of Trip Travel are:

  • Chrisna von Gericke (Chairlady)
  • Ilsje du Plooy
  • Hilda Basson Namundjebo
  • Dawie Fourie
  • Sackey Aipinge
  • Isaac Kaulinge
  • Rodrick Engelbrecht (Managing Director)

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